Porsche Design Tower in Miami Delivers Cars to Ocean View Luxury Apartments

Elevator Delivers Cars Up to Your Sky High Luxury Apartment at Porsche Design Tower in Miami


Upon being scanned at ground level, drive your vehicle onto a ‘turntable’ and turn off the engine.  The turntable aligns the vehicle with a car lift and as the lift opens, a robotic arm pulls the vehicle into one of three glass car lifts. Enjoy your quick, exhilarating ride home.

The utmost level of privacy is afforded. You are in control. Your vehicle is self-accessible, allowing you the freedom of entry and departure without notice.  A level of privacy never afforded before.

And although the automobile lift is one of the main features in the high rise condominium, valet is at your disposal.  You may opt to have your vehicle transported in the car lift, while you travel in a passenger-only elevator directly to your home.





The Porsche Design Tower is a proposed skyscraper for Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, designed by Porsche Design Studio. At 641 feet (195 m) with 57 stories, it will become the tallest building in Sunny Isles Beach. It is unique for its inclusion of a robotic parking garage, having 284 parking spaces for 132 units allowing unit owners to park two or four cars right outside their unit. Drivers ride up the elevator in their cars and are placed into their own “garage” adjacent to their unit.The tower will have three elevators to take cars to their units and is expected to cost about $560 million to build.