M55 e-BIKE “The Lamborghini of e-Bikes”

 M55 e-BIKE “The Lamborghini of e-Bikes”

The M55 is an ebike bordering on CNC art. Crafted metal pieces add up to a 2500 watts through a Rohloff drive train. When you go to the M55 Hungarian website its hard to get any real performance numbers on this ebike. The company seems to be purposely vague, for whatever reason. Maybe they are afraid of industrial espionage. Although an impressive prototype of this bike does exist there is still a chance the M55 might be just vaporware. There are not any owner reports or reviews of this bike anywhere.



On an M55, even the most minuscule details are designed to amaze the rider. These bikes can outperform all other e-bikes currently on the market, and you can be sure that you won’t fly by the same model on the road, as all editions are limited to a maximum of 55 pieces per series. That’s a total of 275. In the world.

40-MPH EB estimated top speed:

Weight: *65lbs

Price/affordability: $32,000 EB