Land Rover Chased By Bikers In NYC, Attack Caught on Camera

Pack of Reckless Bikers in New York City Chase Man in Land Rover, Beating Him in Front of Wife and Child, See Full Video

New York City police have arrested one motorcyclist and are looking for two more in connection with a high-speed chase — caught on video — and beating  involving a band of motorcyclists and a man in an SUV with his wife and 2-year-old daughter, the Daily News reports.

The New York tabloid says Christopher Cruz, 28, was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, menacing, reckless driving and acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17. The Daily News says police are looking for two more bikers for allegedly pulling Lien from his vehicle and beating him.

The video, posted on YouTube, was captured by a helmet cam worn by one of the approximately 30 bikers in the group. At one point, the six-minute video, which has drawn more than a million views, shows a biker smashing the window of the SUV with a helmet.

The chase began after the driver of the SUV, identified as Alexian Lien, 33, of Manhattan, apparently called 911 to report bikers driving erratically in an unauthorized rally known as Hollywood Stuntz, NBC News reports, quoting police.

After cyclists converged on Lien’s vehicle, the driver apparently clips one of the bikers who cuts in close. NBC News quotes New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly as saying that rider suffered a broken leg.

The scrape prompts other bikers to surround the vehicle, according to Kelly. “They take their helmets and start to dent his car, and apparently his tires are slashed there with a knife,” he says.

Lien then appears to panic, hits the accelerator and knocks down some cyclists as he speeds off down the West Side Highway.

After a high-speed chase, the SUV is once against brought to a halt by the  swarming cyclists. The video then shows two bikers running over to the vehicle and smashing in the windows with a helmet.

Lien was treated at New York Presbyterian Hospital for lacerations to his back and face from what police say was a subsequent beating, which is not shown on the YouTube video posted by Michelinman900. His wife and child were not injured.

The Daily News quoted police as saying they are still investigating the incident, but that LIen is not expected to be charged.

The tabloid says one of the bikers who was hit, Jeremiah Mieses, 26, suffered two broken legs and may be left a paraplegic.